Video calling

Video calling has become an essential day to day activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. By using features such as chat apps, audio calling, and video calling, we have been able to stay connected with our friends and family.

Now, let's create our own React Native app that will let us make video calls.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to implement a video calling feature in the React Native app using the Twilio programmable video call API.

The process is pretty straightforward. We'll simply create a video conference room and invite others to join that room. To do this, we are going to need access to the camera and microphone. So we'll need to use a real smartphone device for testing purposes.

The main package we are going to use to access the Twilio API is the react-native-twilio-video-webrtc package.

This tutorial aimed to deliver a beginner-level learning resource on how to setup Video Calling in a React Native app. We did this by using Twilio's programmable video call API.

We not only covered the React Native part but also the overall API implementation in a separate Node server project.

Now, the next step can be to add advanced features such as starting an anonymous call or multiple participant video calling rooms.

For feature inspiration and a proper video calling apps, you can check out that offers state of a Video Chat app with powerful features.